Meet Mike

Meet Mike

Your Dog’s Hiker: Mike
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We’re thrilled with The Dog Walker’s services and trust and rely on Mike, the leader of Malibu’s hiking group. Malibu, our spirited 95 lb lab mix has been part of the large dog group on the three days a week I go into the office for over a year now. She loves when the van with her play group pulls up (uncanny how she seems to know the day and time) and Mike is incredibly flexible and accommodating with our work schedules when necessary.
-Reeva and Stuart Cohen.

The Westside’s premier dog walking service.??
For me to put Bender and Owen (chocolate labs) in anyone’s care says it all. I believe that Gavin operates THE most honorable, reliable, trustworthy and loving dog walking service on the Westside of Los Angeles. My dogs can’t wait to be picked up and come home with huge smiles and in need of a nap. His employees - Mike, Dusty and Dan - have been with him for years (because he treats them well) and truly love the dogs. They take the time to tidy them up before depositing them at home and often give feedback on things they have noticed about the dogs or simply funny anecdotes from a given days play. Gavin has also spent a great deal of time securing a large plot of secured land so the dogs are not going to dog parks ….if I were a dog, I would want to go with them! In addition, I have been training dogs on the Westside for over 12 years and have had the opportunity to refer MANY clients to Gavin and have ONLY received rave reviews! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!! My boys love you Mike!!!
Amy Peer
(Dog Trainer)

Lilly has been exercised by Mike our Dog Walker for 3 years. As a crazy Jack Russell, she needs and craves the exercise and comes home happy and tired. I love hearing Mike come into the house and call for Lilly in the most affectionate of tones. Lilly’s Daddy is a Veterinarian and very picky as to who would take charge of his dog for the day and trusts Gavin and company completely. I would highly recommend The Dog Walker.
Fredda Jaffee
Santa Monica

Our dog, Rugby, is always happy to go hiking with Mike. He gets so excited the minute he hears him coming & never hesitates to go right out for him. He always comes home happy & exhausted!
We have had both Mike & Dan as our hikers & they are both just fantastic. Always on time & dependable. We have been using The Dog Walker services for a little more than a year & are so happy with them!
Diane Golden
Pacific Palisades

I recently moved to Santa Monica, and was looking for my dog, Layla, to get some exercise twice a week while I would be gone for 10 hours. I found the Dog Walker, and thought their prices were reasonable. I then spoke with Gavin who was very helpful, and hooked me up with Mike. I then met with Mike and he seemed like a great fit; he also said Layla seemed like a great fit for the group. Now when I get home Mon & Wed- Layla is exhausted! Usually she is running all over the place, now when I take her out on a walk a couple hours after she gets home, I barely hold on to the leash (before she used to pull me). She is a very happy dog, and I am a very happy owner :)
Jessica Zunzer-Whitaker
Santa Monica

I cannot recommend The Dog Walker enough. We have 2 dogs with very different needs: Bella, a Cocker Spaniel puppy who needs LOTS of exercise, and Charlie, a lazy Shitz Tzu who HATES walking but will pee all over the house if he is not let out. Gavin came to our rescue! Mike takes our spaniel 5 days a week on a 2 hour hike where she gets to socialize and run free with other dogs. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made….. no more chewing now since she is sooooo tired after the hikes. She is also calmer and more obedient. She gets so excited when Mike arrives! Jody walks (or drags) the sihitz tzu for 10 minutes at lunch time and we have now ALMOST cracked the house training (2 years in). I would not give my house key or dogs out to anyone, but as soon as we met Mike and Jody we were instantly at ease. The Dog Walker has changed the lives of our dogs and us! TRY THEM.
Jemma Martin
Pacific Palisades