Meet Dan

Meet Dan

Your Dog’s Hiker: Dan
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We are very fortunate to have Dan as our dog’s walker. Dan has gone above and beyond the call of duty to take care of our Welsh terrier, Cookie. He clearly cares about dogs and is a very responsible person. We have enjoyed getting to know Dan over the past several years and highly recommend him to others.
Nicole Rubin,
Santa Monica

The Westside’s premier dog walking service.??
For me to put Bender and Owen (chocolate labs) in anyone’s care says it all. I believe that Gavin operates THE most honorable, reliable, trustworthy and loving dog walking service on the Westside of Los Angeles. My dogs can’t wait to be picked up and come home with huge smiles and in need of a nap. His employees - Mike, Dusty and Dan - have been with him for years (because he treats them well) and truly love the dogs. They take the time to tidy them up before depositing them at home and often give feedback on things they have noticed about the dogs or simply funny anecdotes from a given days play. Gavin has also spent a great deal of time securing a large plot of secured land so the dogs are not going to dog parks ….if I were a dog, I would want to go with them! In addition, I have been training dogs on the Westside for over 12 years and have had the opportunity to refer MANY clients to Gavin and have ONLY received rave reviews! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!! My boys love you Mike!!!
Amy Peer
(Dog Trainer)

Bentley spends most of his afternoons with Dan, our Dog Walker. As soon as Dan pulls the van onto the street Bentley knows Dan is on his way. Bentley is wagging his tail at the door, waiting patiently and always greets Dan with a smile (literally). We are new to Los Angeles and with Bentley being a rescue, finding the right person to care for him was very important. Dan has been fantastic with Bentley and I would highly recommend The Dog Walker.
Stacy Naftaly

I’ve been using the Dog Walker for two years, and love the service. They take my golden retriever up in the Santa Monica Mountains for long walks, and she comes back happy and tired. Gavin is the nice owner, and our personal walker, Dan, is friendly, flexible with scheduling - and, most importantly - warm with Tinka. He’s obviously a dog-lover.
Betsy Lindsley
Santa Monica

Our dog, Rugby, is always happy to go hiking with Mike. He gets so excited the minute he hears him coming & never hesitates to go right out for him. He always comes home happy & exhausted!
We have had both Mike & Dan as our hikers & they are both just fantastic. Always on time & dependable. We have been using The Dog Walker services for a little more than a year & are so happy with them!
Diane Golden
Pacific Palisades