Meet Brian

Meet Brian

Your Dog’s Hiker: Brian
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Our dogs are part of our me, trusting someone with a member of our family means that we can know they are happy, in good hands and safe and cared for. As a city council member in Beverly Hills, I am quite used to doing research and asking many questions to make sure that decisions that affect lives are well vetted and I can account clearly, I took the search for finding the best dog walker for our dog that we love beyond words, very very seriously. Gavin and his company, which is more like a family is the BEST of the BEST. Our Teddy started as a puppy to learn to socialize 2x a week, he then clearly wanted more hike time with his new buddies so we added another day and then another to finally, he goes every day during the week. He has made great doggie pals, loves dogs now in general, and is a very happy puppy. Brian, his walker is one of Teddy’s favorite people in the world! When our family members are happy, we’re happy, right? The Dog Walker changed our life and made Teddy the happiest dog around!
Lili Bosse
Beverly Hills

The Dog Walkers have been absolutely wonderful for my two dogs. Brian who picks them up and takes my dogs has been conscientious, friendly, and above all loving and caring. I trust them thoroughly with my dogs and know exactly that they are in the best hands. They are excited to go when Brian comes and know that the outing is fun and playful. I would recommend them highly.
Hillary Gruenberg
Beverly Hills

Our beloved dog-walker Brian cares for our Barkley as much as I do and I trust him implicitly.
Elizabeth Shoemaker

We cannot say enough wonderful things about The Dog Walker to do justice to their impeccable service. They are organized, always on time and helpful beyond the call of duty. Most importantly, our dog Ringo loves the hikes, all the doggie friend’s he’s made and most especially Brian. In fact, we are a little jealous about how excited Ringo is the moment he sees or hears Brian at our door. If Ringo could talk, he would tell us that although he loves his “mom” and “dad”, Brian is his best friend.
Eve & Bill Gerber (and Ringo)
Beverly Hills

My two King Charles Cavaliers (Sam & Ben) wait every morning by the front door for Brian to knock (Even on the weekends), as soon as Brian gets to our house and picks them up I know they are in experienced and caring hands for the next few hours. As a dad I look forward to the pictures Brian sends during the hike updating me on my boys and its great to see them bonding with their buddies. I’m so glad Gavin has created a safe and nurturing place for dogs to roam free (structurally) and get exercise. From the moment you first make contact with Gavin about his services you feel totally at ease about his knowledge and care for dogs and the same for everybody who works with him. I cannot recommend Gavin enough and most importantly Sam & Ben give The Dog Walker a 5 paw rating.
Noah Lookofsky
Los Angeles

I started with “The Dog Walker” 7 months ago when my Newfoundland was a young puppy. Each morning, Moby would wait by the door for Brian to arrive, and came home tired and happy. When my 160+ dog is happy, I am thrilled. Don’t know what I would have done without this service. It is also so important for my gentle giant to socialize and learn to play with smaller dogs. I would highly recommend “The Dog Walker.” (PS. You can see Moby (Black & White Newfie) on the Mountain Hike Adventure Video on the Home page.
Barbara Berkowitz
Beverly Hills